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Every small business needs to have accurate books and records which they tend to ignore till they are subjected to an IRS audit or have the extra money to hire an accountant hindering the business ability to monitor its finances and to grow.   An accountant with 1 year of experience can cost you between $30,000 and $50,000 plus bonuses, benefits and taxes.  Our bookkeepers provide you with experienced support at a fraction of that cost.  We know Quickbooks, Peachtree and Applied Systems accounting solutions.  We also help your develop your business dashboards for accurate and informative business decisions.


  • Enter your transactions correctly and in timely fashion
  • Minimize your accounting and bookkeeping costs
  • Make sure your chart of accounts is coded correctly
  • Be ready for month and year end in time
  • Have organized files and documents
  • Accounts payable: Stay on top of the payments you owe and avoid any mistakes
  • Accounts receivable: Get paid faster and avoid billing errors with better-organized AR programs
  • Invoicing: We give you easy, seamless invoicing to save time and get money faster
  • Bill payment: Stay up-to-date on your bills with extra help processing the payments
  • Inventory: What is the value of your unsold inventory? Learn how to run a more efficient business with our inventory analysis tools
  • Payroll: Your employees are your most valuable asset. Keep their paychecks coming smoothly with payroll processing services
  • • Expense Reporting: Make life easier at tax time with an orderly, accurate accounting of your tax-deductible business expenses
  • Budgeting: Where is your business heading? Are you investing in the right places? Get clearer insights into your business’s direction with our budgeting and analysis tools
  • Licenses and Permits Guidance: Navigating the regulatory requirements of your industry can present special challenges
  • Financial Reports: Get total visibility into your business’s financial performance.Our financial reporting gives you a road map for business growth. We’ll give you the information you need to identify problems before they grow, and capitalize on opportunities before your competitors


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    NorGlobe is a small business financial service provider focused on providing cost effective accounting and financial services ranging from bookkeeping to CFO services.
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